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Sheet one contains Military ID's, Driver's Licenses, Credit Cards, Laptop screen captures and surveillance photos. Print this one on photo paper for a glossy look.

Here we have wanted posters, passports, law enforcement badges. The passports are from Jim's Dollhouse Printables. Some of the wanted posters are real and some are 1:6th fugitives from justice

Here we have some scale Magazine covers, classified documents, Plane and Train Tickets and a nice little composition book for your guys to write in

Maps, Maps, Maps. If you can print on clear plastic, then the Military Map Protractor up in the corner will be a really nice piece to go with your maps, don't leave for the battlefield without one.

Getting down to basic. Here we have covers for four Modern Military Manuals, complete with a few inside pages in case you want to have an opening book. There are also some targets and marksman scorecards.

Here's something to put those secret documents into. Print this on a piece of manila colored card stock for envelopes and file folders.

You can find a lot of current military magazines online. There are two issues of SOLDIERS with inside pages and two issues of PM MONTHLY, illustrated by Joe Kubert.

This is not the only MRE Case available on the web, but I made this one in Indesign because I wanted an MRE case that I could print on Cardboard colored Cardstock.Cut out and glued, it is slightly smaller than the Dragon one that was available a while back, but it is pretty close and if you don't put it right next to the Dragon one, you will be pleased with the result.

MRE Meal Packages. I have also made these in Indesign and was able to do six different meals. If you use a thin layer of cellophane, glued to your paper printout, you will get an effect very similar to the Dragon version.

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