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Michael Crawford开箱:Hot Toys 1/6 星战剧集《The Mandalorian》 - 重装曼达洛人

Review of Heavy Infantry Mandalorian
Star Wars Sixth Scale Action Figure

Hot Toys
Date Published: 2021-06-14
Written By: Michael Crawford

While I've pre-ordered many of the more unique Mandalorian related figures from Hot Toys, I really only have the Mandalorian and Child so far on the shelf. And I received those so late, that I skipped doing a review of the pair - fantastic as they are - making this look at the Heavy Infantry Mandalorian my first show related Hot Toys review.

This guy is a big boy, and while he is wearing a similar outfit to both Boba Fett and the Mandalorian, he certainly stands out. He was available to pre-order for around $280 at most sites, but finding him now at retail is tough. The popularity of the show, combined with the popularity of the costume, has led to sell outs most everywhere.

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Hot Toys 新品:1/6 TMS010 星战剧集《The Mandalorian》- 重装曼达洛人

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