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[影视潮流成品] ASSASSIN社区 点评:DAMTOYS 1/6 刺客信条-黑旗 爱德华·詹姆斯·肯维Edward Kenway

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Damtoys - Edward Kenway 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure – Review




"Alright, lads. I’ll give you Blackbeard’s honest opinion. You ask me, Can this new captain promise you a life of prizes, plunder, and adventure? Aye! Amongst all the gentlemen of fortune sailing these West Indies, he ranks amongst the most clever. There was a time when I thought myself the deadliest scourge of these seas. But this man, he's like a fearsome dog. Feeds off trouble and turmoil. I seen him clear the deck of a Spanish galleon like it were nothing! Fighting like a devil dressed as a man. And he’s the kind of man knows his way around every crack and crevice of these islands. So if it's fortune and adventure you seek, then Captain Edward Kenway’s your man. Only don't meddle in his private affairs. For there's more mystery in that man than even I dare ask!!!"

With these precise words, on 4 March 2013, Ubisoft, through Blackbeard, introduced us to Edward Kenway, the Assassin pirate, who soon became one of the most popular characters in the entire Assassin's Creed saga, not only for his charisma, but above all for its history, a story full of adventure, Templars, hidden treasures, breathtaking landscapes and liters of rum.


A pirate out of every stereotype, no eye patch, no parrot on his shoulders, no wooden leg or hook, but just a great thirst for adventure, an adventure that five years after the launch of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is still loved by the community of Assassin's Creed to the point that Ubisoft and other major manufacturers of collectible "toys", albeit not frequently, still tend to release statuettes or action figures to satisfy a request that is always from year to year bigger. After the release of the bust produced by Ubicollectibles in 2017, this year Damtoys decided to release something related to Black Flag, a fantastic action figure representing Edward.

Damtoys is a company based in China, created in 2008 and with a lot of beautiful action figures, statues and more, works mainly dedicated to pop culture and not only (Warcraft, Terminator, etc.).

When about a year and a half ago Damtoys announced the production of an action figure representing Edward, showing some photos of the prototype, the community of Assassin's Creed, and especially collectors, they were pleasantly surprised to finally see an action large figures and with a level of detail nothing short of fantastic.

Today I’m pleased to tell you about that masterpiece, Edward Kenway 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure.

Get comfortable and enjoy the reading!




When you're a company with style and talent, it's right not only to create quality products, but also to know how to create packages that are up to the product they contain, a detail that not all companies offer to their customers. The "Edward Kenway 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure" box is sumptuous, rich with embossed details, quotes from the game and a really beautiful main image, useful to present not only the product, but also the character.
Let's go into more detail...
The package, protected by a nylon bag, looks very good, showing Edward on the front, through one of the main keyart of the game. Always frontally you can read the name of the game and the character to which the figure refers: “Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Edward Kenway". Also on the same side are the logos of Ubisoft, Abstergo and of course Damtoys.
On both sides you can see the game's logo and the title again, as well as a small written quote from Edward: “Leave This Life for a Lasting peace, down among the dead”.
Even the back is full of details. What is immediately evident is the logo of the game in the middle, embossed, under the name of the protagonist, while below, very small, you can find the Ubisoft label of authenticity attesting the official product.

Above and below, finally, there is again the name of the game and the classic adhesive seal, which will serve mainly in the future to make buyers understand when the product will be brand new and when not.
As for the dimensions, the package measures approximately 20x15x39 cm in height.
The one described so far is nothing more than the protective casing of the actual packaging of the figures. Opening it, in fact, you can find inside a second box, this time with the brightest colors than the other, very dark, mysterious as the character contained within.


The inner packaging is also of high quality. The front part allows you to see the figures by means of a transparent plexiglass "window" with the classic "animus effect" drawn on it. Below this fenestration we find the name of the game, that of the product in question and the recommended age to buy it. On the sides, above and below, the title of the game is shown together with a new drawing depicting Edward.

The most interesting part is on the back where, among other things, similar to those seen on the previous sides, there is a form of the character in which you can read, in English, a description of his personality and his biography.
Inside, finally, you can find three blisters in transparent plastic, in which the various parts of the product are laid, but we will talk about this in a while.
To conclude related to the package, from this point of view, Damtoys has done a great job, offering its customers and, therefore, in this case, the fans of the Assassins, a product that literally makes you want to be bought just looking box.


The biography and the description of the personality of the character, the embossed writings, the quote from the game and so on are not small details, which paradoxically are rare to find even in products whose cost is much higher, such as many of the great statues produced so far.

















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Accessories and action figure

Places inside the second package, we find three transparent blisters in which the figure and all the interchangeable parts are laid, including the base and the bar that will serve to support Edward.

The three blisters are in turn placed inside a card that brings to mind the loading screen of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and that, if desired, could be used as a background to the figure during the exhibition inside of a showcase or, more generally, of a piece of furniture.



The blisters are laid one on top of the other and, starting from the first one, we can find the following:
- Edward
- Coat, swords and two pairs of guns
- Base, bar to support the figures and four pairs of interchangeable hands.





Let's now go into more detail, going to analyze the various pieces.

What immediately jumps to the eye, observing the third blister, is the round base on which the figure can be exposed.

The base, made mainly of plastic, has an approximate diameter of 20 cm and a front golden plate on which the name of the game is written. The wood effect with which it has been created is very reminiscent of the bridge of a ship and, therefore, positioning the figure on it can not help but give greater value to the exhibition, making it a real enjoyment for the eyes inside each showcase.




Also on the base there is a small recess, inside which must be inserted, making a little strength, an adjustable bar that will serve to ensure a stable pose to the character. With regard to the stability of the figure, it's necessary to underline that it can be exposed even without the base, being quite balanced and, therefore, able to stand up without necessarily needing support; however, for more specific positions, it's advisable to use them.


Finally, below it, the year of manufacture and the classic writings related to copyright are reported.


As mentioned a little while ago, inside the same blister, Damtoys decided to insert as many as four pairs of interchangeable hands. Specifically we can find:
- A pair of open hands
- A pair of hands to insert the flintlock pistol
- A pair of hands to insert the saber or sword
- A pair of closed hands.


Every pair of hands, including those already insert in the figure (having a relaxed position), are truly impressive for their realism. Each hand is made of plastic , soft at the level of the fingers,so as to ensure collectors can easily insert the weapons inside them. The material with which they were made, the color and the veins carved on the back, make each pair of hands a realism never seen before in a statue or a figure produced for Assassin's Creed. Finally, each hand has a round recess inside which the pin will be inserted which will create the articulation of the wrists, which will guarantee a 360° rotation.






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The second blister is the one dedicated mainly to weapons. However, the piece that stands out most is the Edward's coat, centrally located. If the hands will leave you open-mouthed, for as they were made, Edward's coat will not be outdone. This, in fact, seems to be produced in real leather, with mini stitching and details that have been realized in a truly masterful manner. Positioning it on the back of the figure, however, is not very simple, until you realize that on the sides of the coat, near the shoulders of the character on which it will rest, there are two small round magnets necessary to hold it in place. Being an item made of fabric (probably synthetic leather), Damtoys has decided to add a sachet of silica gel in the blister to prevent moisture from damaging it. For this reason, it would be wise to expose the figures with the same care, placing next to it the two bags you will find in the package.










In addition to the coat, as mentioned a few lines above, we find Edward's swords and pistols.

Even from this point of view, Damtoys has not spared at all, going to make weapons with a level of detail crazy, especially with regard to the sword with the hilt on which is depicted an eagle and guns.

As you can see from the photos, there are two swords included in the package, the classic curved sword of Edward and the sword just mentioned, whose hilt turns out to be one of the best parts of the whole figure, with a handle and a hilt literally beautiful.








Even the guns are made very well. In the package we find two pairs of guns, two larger ones with decorated cane and two smaller ones with smooth barrel, both, for obvious reasons, have very small dimensions, but this did not stop Damtoys from giving them a remarkable level of detail .

The side plates, the barrels and the handles, are very detailed and even in this case it’s possible to state with extreme certainty that such a wealth of detail had never been seen before.







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Swords and pistols are made of hard plastic (with the exception of the ring that is present in the handle of smooth-bore pistols, made of metal) so as to be easily inserted into the appropriate hands.

Also in this second blister, therefore, it will be possible to find elements of high quality, parts of a puzzle that, once assembled, will guarantee the collector/observer a breathtaking view, which will certainly re-enact the naval battles, fistfights and drunkenness of Black Flag.

We now arrive at the third and last blister, the one containing the piece, Edward.

Unlike the other two, the first blister contains no accessories or interchangeable parts, but only and exclusively the 1/6th scale figure, about 31 cm high, produced in PVC and ABS, with some metal parts and clothes in real fabric.


Once extracted from the package, the figure is already assembled, if you wanting, ready to be exposed after a slight arrangement to the clothes and the hood, but only after customizing with the supplied accessories will take on a level of exhibition to say the least exceptional. Also in this blister, we find a sachet of silica gel, necessary to reduce the humidity around the fabric parts, in order to avoid the natural deterioration.

As mentioned previously, the figure is able to stand on its own, without necessarily having to be placed over the base, which will be almost mandatory in case you decide to expose it with a more particular pose.


In addition to the well-made clothes, what obviously stands out the most is the face, masterfully reproduced by Damtoys who, moreover, was able to give Edward a great expressiveness. The folds above the nose make Edward's face slightly wrinkled with a feeling of hatred, his mouth slightly open, his eyes filled with rage, and the scars that look real and fresh, they let us sense Captain Kenway's resentment towards his Templar enemies and bring to mind the raids on Jackdaw along with his crew, in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.

Sewed in three points on the back of the character, the hood is made of real fabric, which seems to have been given an aged/lived effect as almost all the rest of the dress. Damtoys has provided the hood with some creases, but it's possible to model it as best you can, also holding it firmly by means of a leatherette coat.





The dress is very rich in details, the fabric is of good quality, in particular the cover arms and the dark blue lower flaps, which, by making light pressure, can be modeled to give the figure that touch of dynamism more during exposure. Even the buckles are well made and it’s very easy to insert swords and pistols inside them.











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Another element made really well are the two hidden blades, even if static: the blade can not be extracted/retracted, but after all we are talking about a detail that is almost insignificant.




Points of articulation

Being an action figure and not a statue, the pose of the character has not been set by the manufacturer but will be chosen by those who decide to buy the product. In this kind of objects there are several points of articulation to ensure dynamism to the character.

Damtoys has entered many points of articulation offering to its customers, therefore, a high freedom of choice. The head can rotate easily to the right and left and, thanks to the "moldable" hood, it will be possible to offer the character that extra touch of Assassin charm. The arms have three points of articulation, the first at the shoulder level that will allow you to perform lateral movements from top to bottom and forward and back.

Thanks, moreover, to the joint on the elbow and wrist, it will be possible to give the arms a little more dynamism, especially if you intend to create a pose in which the character is about to shoot or hit someone with one of the two swords, arms easily directionable thanks to the hands that can be rotated 360°.

Other joints are present on the legs, especially at the level of the pelvis, knee and near the feet which, as was the case for the hands, can be rotated so as to ensure greater stability to the figure.

Final judgement

That Damtoys was able to create magnificent products, of excellent quality, was long known to all those who for years have followed the world mainly of the figures, but that it was possible reach such a high level of quality in the world of collecting items produced for Assassin's Creed was now hard to believe, especially considering that similar products (dolls and action figures) so far had not astonished neither the fans nor the collectors, most of the time as medium-low quality products and with potential exposition practically nil.




Damtoys, therefore, has managed to give new life to this part of the collecting that before not hope for anything good, creating a product (an action figure) amazing, both qualitatively speaking, thanks to a good PVC and excellent materials used for the realization of the costume, that exhibitively. Edward Kenway of Damtoys, in fact, is currently the best action figure ever made for the brand Assassin's Creed.
Exposing it in a collection will not only increase the beauty of each collection of products related to Assassin's Creed, but will also join those statues whose quality and pose make them so dynamic that you immerse yourself in the era when the game is set . Watching Edward Kenway of Damtoys, even if only for a few seconds, will make you feel the bang of Jackdaw's cannons, the songs of Edward's crew, the heat of the Caribbean sun and the smell of pirate rum.



Every collector should have a copy of this beautiful jewel in one of their showcase, especially those who loved this character and his story.
Edward Kenway 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure by Damtoys, not a simple figure reminiscent of Edward Kenway, it's Edward Kenway and there is nothing nicer than to best represent the greatest pirate that Assassins and Templars have ever known.


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